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By Krystel Knowles Brevard County

TITUSVILLE, Fla. – Working out just got a little bit easier with some newly-installed outdoor workout equipment at Sand Point Park.

  • Workout equipment installed at Sand Point Park
  • The equipment comes with instructions

Pam Slama works out four days a week. Her usual routine is going over the bridge and ending at the park. But this time, the bright green workout equipment caught her eye.

“They jumped right out at me, and I went oh my goodness I got to try this,” Slama said.

Adam Chands works out for a different reason. He goes to conventions wearing a heavy costume for several hours at a time. He says he comes to the park once a week and spotted the new equipment and had to give it a try.

“I haul weights around a little bit, to get used to carrying a load cause the costume I wear for science-fiction conventions weighs 37 pounds,” Chands said.

The equipment has instructions and is one size fits all.

“It will help me workout a couple of different muscle groups that I don’t normally work out,” Chands said.

Slama said she’ll put the equipment to good use and make it part of her workout routine. She’s thrilled to see some new upgrades to a park she already considers one of the best in Brevard County.

“More equipment is always good,” Slama said. “I was very interested to see that it was very sturdy, and it looks like it can withstand the hurricanes.”