ExoFit 2019-2020 Get Out and Get Fit Grant!

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ExoFit understands the budget challenges that municipalities, schools and other nonprofits face, while also trying to find new ways to keep their community active and healthy.

This is why ExoFit is happy to announce the Get Out and Get Fit Grant!

How To Apply:

Please fill out the online grant application (one application per project, but no limit on number of projects).

Application Deadline is January 17, 2020. If approved, a representative from ExoFit will contact you to discuss the process.

Financing is also available!

Who Qualifies:

To qualify, applicants must meet the following criteria:

—Municipal, county, state or federal entity in the USA or Canada.

—501(c)3 organization with recognized nonprofit status (proof required)

How The Grant Works:

ExoFit will match up to 100%! Applies to all product lines: ExoOne, ExoPod, ExoCage, ExoFlex and ExoKids.

After reviewing all applications, ExoFit will announce all awards on January 24, 2020. Orders must be confirmed by PO or Check Deposit by March 13, 2020 and must ship by April 17, 2020.

ExoFit Outdoor Fitness Grants can only be applied to the purchase of ExoFit equipment. ExoFit standard policies and warranties apply. Grant does not include freight, installation, surfacing or any applicable tax. No other offer, discount, or special programs can be used with this grant program. ExoFit reserves the right to decline any application for an ExoFit grant.

Grant awards are in-kind funds usable for purchase of ExoFit outdoor fitness equipment only.

Marching grants will be awarded based on the following levels:

$15,999-$19,999 = 50% Match

$20,000-$30,000 = 60% Match

$30,001-$45,000 = 75% Match

$45,001+ = 100% Match

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